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Reincarnation Story
Aug 29th, 2011 at 6:20pm
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This doesn't involve me, specifically, or my past lives (though I do believe in reincarnation), but one of my pets.  It was a significant enough experience for me and my husband that I thought I would share it here.

About 5 years ago, we lost one of our cats, Toby, to a sudden and aggressive illness.  We were devistated, and it all came about so quickly that we felt like we barely had time to say goodbye... we certainly felt like he was taken from us prematurely.
A few months after his death, a friend of mine who owns a little local pet store in town was having a "pet psychic" (or "animal communicator") come to the store to do readings for people.  I was highly skeptical of this pet psychic woman, but my friend convinced me to sign up for a reading with her, so we did.
In the reading, we asked about Toby... was he okay, had he crossed over, etc.  We were told by her that Toby was not done with his journey with us, and that he would be coming back to us.  She told us that he would come back as a primarily white cat, that he would have a sister, that they both would have health problems, and that his sister would die, but he would recover.  We were a little surprised by her information, but kept it in mind as we returned to our daily lives.
For weeks and months I looked for white kittens everywhere I went... if I had to take a trip to animal control (even though I ran a dog-specific rescue) I would look in the cat rooms.  I scanned road side ditches everywhere I drove, looking for stray kittens, and always checked out the local cat adoption events.
After a few months, I started to feel sort of dumb... looking for my reincarnated cat everywhere I went, and figured that my previous hunch was right, and this pet psychic woman was a fraud.
About a month after I "gave up" so to speak, I was at animal control to pick up a dog for another rescue, and one of the techs asked me if I knew of anyone who would want a neat little tortie-point siamese kitten that they were going to euthanize due to space... she had a sister, who was solid black and long haired, and she was going to be euthanized as well, but they figured nobody would want her because she was plain black and "boring".  I had always liked siamese, and still had a gaping hole in my heart from losing Toby, so I agreed to take her... but not being able to leave her sister behind, I agreed to take both.
We got them home, and istantly fell in love with them.  We named the siamese "Lulu" and her sister "Marie".  They quickly became part of our lives, loved our dogs even, and we couldn't have been happier.  I was really enjoying Lulu, and her "siamese personality" and her sister was just a big cuddle bug.
After we'd had them for a few months, we started to notice signs of health problems with them... despite repeated trips to the vet, they were unable to diganose anything specific, and their condition continued to decline.
At this point I was devestated... I had lost Toby, and now, for some cruel reason, the universe thought that I needed to lose these two new cats too....
A few days later, Marie passed away while she was being hospitalized at the vet... we prepared for Lulu to follow behind her. 
Amazingly, after Marie's passing, Lulu started to show signs of improvement, and within a week, she was back at home, and doing great... the vet was never able to determine what caused the illness.
As I was sitting in our family room one night, cuddling with Lulu, and feeling quite horrible about the loss of her sister, it was like the universe reached out and smacked me across the face... Lulu was TOBY.  I had been so pre-occupied with finding a white kitten, that it never dawned on me that the primary fur color that makes up the tortie point siamese coat is white... the pet psychic said that Toby would come back as a PRIMARILY white cat... not necessarily all white.  She and her sister had suffered mysterious health problems, and her sister had died... just as the woman had said.  Toby was obviously male, and Lulu was female, but the woman had never said that Toby would come back as the same gender.  As it dawned on me and I looked at Lulu in amazement, I swear she "smiled" at me... like she had been waiting for me to figure it out the whole time.

We still have our little Lulu, and love her to pieces.  We now affectionately refer to her as "Lulu-Tobe-Tobes" since Tobe Tobes was Toby's nick name.  We still miss her sister terribly, even though we only had her for a short time, but we know that her "purpose" continues to live on in Lulu.

If I ever had any question in my mind about the possibility of reincarnation before, that has certainly been put to rest now.
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Re: Reincarnation Story
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