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Mikey, the Mikeinator
May 31st, 2017 at 6:06am
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Composed on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

also known as Michelangelo

Romeo’s Brother/RB

Little Mikey

Little Guy

Cadillac Cat

The Mikeinator

Hunter of Ducks

Tuna Fiend

Purr Machine

Little Perfing Cat

Fierce Little Warrior Cat

Tough Kitty

Polite Tiger

He came to us a shy little kitten with a collar bone that had been broken and missing teeth. We were worried about the coming winter and how we’d help him survive but he took care of that himself. One late November night, he came for dinner and stayed...
I believe that Great Bast knew that his life would be short and in Her Grace and Mercy, sent him to us because She knew that we would love him and spoil him and care for him right to the bitter end. We would never abandon him. During his illness we did our best for him, hand feeding him kitten milk and water to keep him alive, and he had some good days when Moonie took him out into the yard where he could see the sun, feel the grass under his paws, smell the air and hear the sounds of the outdoors he loved so much. She did that for him this morning, one last time. And when what we suspected was confirmed, that his lungs were filling and that he was slowly drowning in his own fluids, we committed his spirit to Bast. It was the last loving thing we could do for him. The last thing he saw was Moonie’s face as she looked into his eyes. The last thing he felt was our hands petting him. The last thing he heard was our voices telling him that we loved him. He did not die, alone and scared, in a cold steel cage surrounded by strangers. And when he had taken his last breath, we brought him home and laid him to rest beside the other ghost cats of the hall, fulfilling the promise I made to him when we took him in -- that this was his home forever no matter how long or short “forever” turned out to be.
This “forever” was much too short... Smiley

December 21, 2014 to May 30, 2017

Run free!

Hunt well!


We will always love you!

Until we meet again... Smiley
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